What’s New

I will continue to update the site and add the new items to this list, putting the most recent at the top along with dates to you can see what’s new since you last visited.

Final Words - That’s it. These are my final words. I have nothing more to say. I love you all. - whenever

A new Cancer Update - 1/24/15

A new Cancer Update - 1/10/15

forchurches.net may expire in less than a year. However "4 churches" can be found on my front page, "Me" and will persist for the next 10 years. They are the same. - 1/9/15

Someone said, “What does Joe actually look like?” So there is now a photo and an illustration on my new Images page. - 1/9/15

Agrawal - A tribute to Dr. Manish Agrawal for saving my life for more than a year and for helping save my death. - 12/10/14

Importance - The last tool in my toolkit, all explained in the Personal section of Last Words (at the bottom of the page). - 12/8/14

Almost all of my Last Words are published including the Personal group which I think are particularly important. - 11/24/14

Quick-Bit - The Whole Truth - 11/10/14

Last Words - In The Minute, also QuickBit - Tools - 11/5/14

Last Words - Whole Truth - Serious Introspection - 11/4/14

Quick-Bit - My Solution - Cleaning my Psyche. - 11/3/14

Scattered throughout the website you will find mini-links, kind of like an * but more specific. For example WT for whole truth, LW for Last Words, QB Quick comment, etc. - 11/1/14

Last Words - Unimportant - 10/28/14

A few Last Words - Cancer Update - Other fixes

If..., A new way to look at my website. - 10/2/14

Repaired links in “Last Words” - 10/2/14

A essay on “Queen of Caregivers” (Last Words) - 9/1/14

A short essay on “Wrong Kind of Peace” (Last Words) - 9/1/14

A revision of “Black & White” (Last Words) - 9/1/14

A PSA chart now added to the Cancer Update. - 8/29/14

Dying is Okayrevised. - 8/29/14

“National Caregivers Month” Thanks to my caregiver and her cargiver friends. - 8/27/14

“Personality/Compatibility Matching Guide” – A comprehensive personality matching program for couples or singles that was used in my workshops. You can use this to get better in touch with your significant other or parter. Not only was it effective, but it was FUN! It is absolutely nothing like those stodgy compatibility programs that they advertise on TV – although I did get reports on resulting marriages. (In fact, during the years that I used this, one woman actually got married twice.) - 8/24/14

More “Last Words” (Prize Winner, Best Pages, Black&White, etc.) and other improvements - 8/14/14

“Church People Games” announcement of my cancer and likely death. - 8/12/14

“Best Pages” an index of what I think you might find most interesting. - 8/10/14

Another “Cancer Update” - 8/8/14

“Last Words” Not exactly a “tell all” web site but being completely open (and honest?) about a lot of things I want to say before I am gone. Many important links (under construction) to various topics I have never covered elsewhere. - 7/29/14

“Rest In Peace” From The Grave, Predicting the day I died. - 7/27/14

“Philosophy”, collected thoughts, still being edited. - 7/26/14

“Fun Talk” uses the resources of two very popular singles social games to make sure you never run out of things to say, or things to talk about. - 3/25/14

Another Cancer Update - 3/5/14

Several new Belotteisms ”What did the cautious single woman say to the lonesome single man?” - 2/26/14

“My Next Challenge” (the future) as been added to the Dying Happy story. There are now 5 episodes linked by “Next” and starting at the beginning. - 2/25/14

“Cancer Update” has been updated to show my latest PSA. - 2/18/14

I have added an inquiry about Palliative care - 2/11/14

Added “DyingHappyDetails” explaining how I did it. There is a blue link from the Dying Happy home page. 2/10/14

Added a contest to “About First-Aid”. 2/7/14

“Special” still under construction. 2/7/14

Re-edited some pages (Emptiness, Living Happy, Dying is Okay) adding eMail links to get feedback. 2/7/14

“Cancer Update” has been updated. 2/7/14

Working on printable versions of the People Games pages; having difficulty because various browsers display pages differently. 2/5/14

“Contents” are now interactive and easy to use from anywhere. 2/4/14

Further edited “Living Happy” and hope that you will send me feedback on it. 2/1/14

Further edited “Emptiness Recognition” and hope that you will send me feedback on it. 2/1/14

“Living Happy”, a recent (2012-2013) evolution 1/31/14

Those who read “Who am I” and send me a comment will get invited to a special Favorites section of my website. 1/26/14

“Let’s talk.” directs a visitor to various pages. 1/26/14

Added comment link to “Dying Happy”. 1/26/14

Table of Contentscompleted. 1/24/14

The Front Page focuses more on me with links to other sites. 1/20/14

The dates that various items are updated are now shown with the links so you can see what changed since your last visit. 1/14/14

Cancer Update has been updated. 1/14/14

More new Belotteisms 12/3/13

Simpler Site Addresses: www.joes-site.net www.joessite.info

Added a brief cancer history to supplement the cancer update.

A new poem, “Time.”

Significantly improved Stress Relief. This is a very important

    routine and I will continue to refine it even further.

Printable versions of the People Game Instructions,

        Welcome Brochure and the Games.

Finally added What’s Coming. New interesting things.

A Site-Index was added to make it easier to find things.

An entire section labeled “Me” was added with lots of personal stuff.

        Poetry, stories, essays, etc.

Self-Help has been improved and will soon be ready for primetime.

There is a new Confidentiality page.

Added a new story