Here is a simple guide to what is turning out to be a fairly complex site. Considering it represents more than 35 years of development I hope the guide will help.

you are a church member there is definitely something here for you. The People Games can definitely enliven your congregation and bring them together in a special new way.

you are a caregiver you can find many hints and tricks that can make your job easier.

you are working on recovery I will share with you 14 years of experience helping alcohol/drug clients move ahead.

you are thinking about managing your life a little better everyone can use a little help here.

you are feeling stress or strain there are simple exercises that will reduce that stress or eradicate it completely.

you are unhappy about something 

you are happy and wish to share that joy with others.

you appreciate great art you may be amazed at the drawings by perhaps the greatest s-f illustrator of all time. His illustrations and even his techniques seem to be from another planet.

you like science fiction check out the great art mentioned above.

you have nothing else to do (working)

you would just want to know a little bit more about Joe you can check the Me section.

If I am still alive and you are willing to help me with this page (perhaps add something or edit something) send me an email and we will talk about it.