What is most important to me right now is Dying Happy. It’s newly revised. Also I would like to share my Last Words.

Who am I?


I am not a person you've known or seen.

You've seen me as a human being, not terribly unlike all the rest of us. I was born, grew up, helped make some children, not unlike most everybody else. I filled in the day with some kind of activity, not unlike most everybody else. And you have an impression about who I am based on what you have seen. To some extent your impression was correct, but what you’ve seen is only a small part of me. I think that only a small part of what we are actually gets expressed into the real world to be seen by all. The rest is seen by a few or not seen at all.

The total me is what I have created out of my head. I think it is the same for you. The real me, which was partly expressed in the real world, but not completely, is me, and is what I am designing into this website.

Nature granted us all the ability to be creative. Aside from creating children we also create roadways and automobiles and comfortable homes. Some of us create practical things, like refrigerators and screwdrivers. Others of us create entertaining things, like merry-go-round's and poker. 

I have created human interactions called People Games and Lifetalks. These are unique systems people used to discover something new or special about other people (People Games) or about themselves (Lifetalks). This is the me that I am proud of. These things, although in a small way, altered their experience of life, and brought them together with other people and with themselves in a way that was completely unexpected.

This website is the me that no one has seen all of, not even my wife. It is who I was, and who I am. It is what I hope to share. The closet door is open, and everything that I am is here to see.