Yes, you hear a lot about being open and honest, but don’t dare try it. Famous authors have published the book they really wanted to write posthumously. Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) did it, Robert Heinlein did, and, oh yes, me. They don’t want to be there when the ruckus starts. It’s true. However, Joe “thinks” he can take it. So here it is, semi-posthumously because I believe it is actually healthy to be completely open (at least), and honest, if possible.

I have no qualms about telling about myself. If I'm not proud about something that I have done I am not ashamed about it either. And I believe that the same should also go for you. I think privacy is a childish attitude except where it goes to keeping people from stealing my money.

If I say anything on this website that you don't like that would be your issue. Why don't you like it? You could think about that.

Besides, people only tell you about themselves. I am not an exception. If I say, President Bush was a lousy President and he did such-and-such. It’s not about Ex-President Bush at all, it’s about how I feel and what I believe. It’s about myself.

My wife, Karen, will come up now and then because of the part she played in my life, but it's not about her either. She has her own website ( and her own point of view of life.

But always remember, there may be no truth in anything I say, it is only what I think and what I feel.

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Open and honest - to a fault.

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