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The People Games

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Brings people together in a way that has never been done before*. Your congregation will love the People games and will end up with more appreciation of each other than they ever imagined.

*Almost never. The People Games have been

used previously in Catholic and Unitarian

churches in the Washington DC area.

These are games that bring people together in an entirely new way. For a quick review just read the “Purposes”; “Description”; and “What It’s All About,” below. Then, to “see it in action” read “How To Play” and “Rules,” all below.

Everything you need to use the People Games for your church is right here on this website. Although the materials are covered by copyright, permission is granted to print and use the materials for any noncommercial purpose. See “Specially for Churches”.


The purpose of the People Games is to bring people together in a way that is particularly interesting and enjoyable. This enhances camaraderie and develops a closer-knit congregation. What makes the games so interesting? People are talking about and sharing all of their best times.


The People Games are conversation games. The mood is light and cheerful, and participants get to meet and talk with many different people.

Each Game consists of several sets of questions which participants ask each other. The questions will be found to be interesting, easy to answer, and deal with many subjects that are fun to talk about. Some of the sets are done in groups, others in pairs. Each set is different, and you will have different partners in each set.

Although you will also be asked the same questions during the Game, you won't have to answer if you don't want to. The questions are used only to give you plenty of opportunity to talk about many different, enjoyable things.

There are twelve different People Games: i.e, True Sharing, Getting In Touch, Young Ideas, One Plus One, Ego Mania, Expanding Horizons, Glad Tidings, and Pleasure Hunt to mention a few. Each one takes an evening, and a different game can be presented each week.


Everything you ever do with another human being involves communication. That is what People Games are all about.

These are for people who are interested in good communication, or who want to communicate better. Through enjoyable discussions, in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, they provide enjoyable and rewarding communication experiences.

The People Games involve communication on a social and light educational basis. They give everyone an equal opportunity to communicate, develop subjects of interest, and promote meaningful, person-to-person communication. They provide a favorable environment for communication and bring out people's thoughts and feelings through carefully selected, positively directed questions on enjoyable subjects. Thus, people become more responsive, contributive, and satisfied as the game progresses.


Don't let any of the individual questions bog you down. If you can't think of an answer, pass and answer the question later, or skip it altogether. Often, your partner's next answer will remind you of something. If not, there are plenty of questions, and one or two missed won't hurt a thing.

Be sure to go through the questions in order. Don't skip around. Selecting out questions to answer first could leave you with the least liked questions at the end and dull the evening considerably.

Don't worry about specific meanings. Whatever it means to you is all that counts. The questions are intended to be broad, so interpret them any way you like.

The Games are meant to promote all sorts of conversation. You will learn many interesting things about one another and that you have many things in common. When this happens, you may tend to get off the Game. We recommend, however, that you don't ramble off too far. The questions are designed to bring to light several different aspects and characteristics of each individual. They get a little under the surface and bring you more in touch with each other. So, go through the Game questions first to get the most out of them. Then, use the remaining time to discuss those subjects you found especially interesting.

The Games are meant for you to enjoy. If you have any questions about the Game or feel uncomfortable in any way, or if you are not enjoying the Game, tell your leader right away. He/she may be able to help and will be glad to do so.


In order to make the game work properly, certain rules must be followed. The rules are quite easy, and when they are followed, the game will go well for all.

1. Do not contradict, challenge, or put down your partner's answers. A prime purpose of the Game is to get to know other people. Putting down or challenging their answers makes them much less inclined to tell you what they really think or feel.

2. Be in touch with your partner's answers. The Games are designed to develop communication, and if you are not in touch with what he is saying there is no real communication. If you don't understand something a partner says, say so, and ask for an explanation. Or, if you would like to learn more, be sure to say so.

3. Answer the questions any way you like. The questions are not meant to put you on the spot. Feel free to answer any way you choose, casually, deeply, humorously, or not at all. If you don't want to answer, just say, "I pass". No further explanation is required or wanted. Your partner will simply acknowledge your reply and hand you the paper.

4. Don't try to give "super" answers. Although we call this a game, we don't mean it to be a contest. So avoid getting involved in something like, "Can you top this?" To get the most out of the Game, give the first answer that comes to mind, no matter how great or small. This works best and keeps things going most smoothly.


It is likely that I am dead by now (cancer).

I am leaving my games to my fellow human beings as my simple contribution to peace in the world. You will find, as many people have, that these simple games can bring people together in a most loving way.

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