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Welcome to the Edd Cartier Fan Club


Edd pioneered science-fiction illustration as a true art form.

The images here are over 50 years old. They were captured from Astounding Science Fiction and Other Worlds Stories between 1946-1951. A true artist well ahead of his time. Some images are still covered by Copyright but the owner(s) are not known and may no longer exist. Information leading to the discovery of such owners will be welcomed.


Howdy, Partner!

First, let’s visit Earth and check out some of the inhabitants.

Magazine illustrations of the day were typically in black and white. But, with such well crafted lines and shading Edd’s illustrations really don’t need any color.

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On this site will be found the largest collection of Edd Cartier illustrations on Earth. Eighty (80) illustrations already posted here with 182 others yet to be posted if I get enough requests for them. In addition, Edd Cartier Science-Fantasy Drawing Lessons will later be incorporated. JB

Homo sapien

Earth Mammals

& bird